MY FIDGET SPINNER COLLECTION! | COOL & RARE SPINNERS | RADIOJH AUTO. Thank you for watching another fun family friendly video! This video is NOT sponsored. Addictive Fidget Toys: Delight: We have a [More]
Yep I am officially obsessed with Fidget Spinners! In this video I share my Fidget Spinner Collection with you all. All of these have unique sounds. Some offer helicopter sounds, purring sounds, fan sounds, clinking [More]
5 Winners email me if I don't already have your info ( Winners will be receiving premium Artino Collection leather front wallets: I just received two FREE big boxes full of fidget hand spinners [More]
Dad Crushes Fidget Spinner Under Car - Fidget Spinner Showdown - Best and Worst Fidget Spinners We got more Fidget Spinners! Our Amazon order came in, see which one is the best spinner. Walgreen Fidget [More]
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The 5 winners plz email me at I just got the biggest box of FREE spinners from Banggood ( and doing an unboxing on these. Guys... let me know which spinners you like best [More]
Here is a really cool pirate fidget ring hand spinner. The ring can be detached as well. I hope you guys like this review. Let me know if you guys really like this as I [More]
Pink Fidget Spinner: Rainbow Spaceship Fidget Spinner: Rainbow Heart Fidget Spinner: Rainbow Flower Fidget Spinner: GlamSpin Lipgloss Fidget Spinner: Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are [More]
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Here is an unboxing of a box full of rare rainbow (neo chrome) fidget hand spinners that I needed to add to my rainbow collection. Let me know which one is on your Wishlist or [More]