In today's River Treasure hunt, I found a good variety of treasure, including 5 phones (iPhone 7 plus, three iPhone 6s, and a Samsung Galaxy S7). 4 of the 5 phones were still working! I [More]
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I've seen a ton of videos popping up from people claiming to have made the "most dangerous fidget spinner". They'll strap tacks, nails, blades, and anything else they can use to make the claim that [More]
today's video I hydro dip my fidget hand spinner!!! the theme was the little mermaid partner flounder but the fidget spinner toy actually turned out better than i could have imagined!! how do you hydro [More]
CUSTOMER TEXT no cables! no internet! no phone! no computer!! user programmable!
This video is about How to Hrydro water marble a fidget spinner - Custom Paint Job DIY using standart nail polish from the dollar store. Thanks for watching! If you enjoy please like, comment, and [More]
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part 3 - Minecraft $1,000,000,000 TREASURE FIDGET SPINNER CRAFTERS Custom Map [2] GamingWithJen, Gaming With Jen!
so i decided to paint my fidget spinner was stoked with the outcome of it