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Today we have a bunch of new fidget toys by Zag Toys. These are the SPNRS and they are so cool. We are going to check them all out and share our thoughts. Leave a [More]
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Grinding a forsnter bit to a custom size, and using it to make a fidget spinner, which I spun up with compressed air until it failed. http://woodgears.ca/drill/resize.html
DIY Fidget Spinner! Today I decided to make my own fidget spinner. This is a custom fidget spinner. If you want more videos like this "DIY Fidget Spinner" video let me know. Also, if you [More]
My Spinner "pre-order" list here: http://cogentindustries.com/spinner My son decided he wanted his own fidget spinner (which I was fine with because he kept "borrowing" mine). So he designed a titanium fidget spinner (well, he managed [More]
BOOM, it's a Beyblade Hand Spinner. FIDGET SPINNERS/ Hand Spinners are everywhere these days. IT SPINS, IT'S ADDICTIVE, IT'S LIKE A BEYBLADE. What if we fused a fidget spinner into a beyblade? What would it [More]
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