Want to know if Fidget Spinners can make you smarter? ANSWERS WITH JOE'S VIDEO - https://youtu.be/2PvCIfbLvDQ Check out the machining process on the prototype spinners TOMS TOOL ROOM'S VIDEO - https://youtu.be/rs6EAgF3pyI Want to buy a [More]
NTO Designs: http://www.ntodesignsinc.com/product-category/revspin/ Spin Space Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spinspace
This video is Part 1 of the design of a 2d Fidget spinner on Autocad, Part 2 will see the fidget spinner brought to life in 3d!
This video is my second attempt at a fidget spinner tutorial. It is slowed down so you can understand it easier, but the method I used is faster. I am using Autodesk 123D, a free [More]
Nail artist and beauty blogger Natasha Lee created a mini version of the popular fidget spinner toy out of softened acrylic to decorate her latest nail design. READ MORE: http://mashable.com/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/mashable/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/mashable INSTAGRAM: [More]
If you like this cute fidget spinner, I will be selling these... just PM for details.thanks! music: Kaibigang Hangin by Skabeche
This awesome LED Fidget spinner changes designs and colors. See more at www.wackyfidgets.com www.facebook.com/WackyFidgets/
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