Made using precision 3D printing technique and high quality bearings. R2 Spinner is a fidget toy spinner that spins well & feels awesome! Check us out at Benefits: The R2 Spinner is an effective [More]
Tribar spinner from 3DPEDC, comes with 3 bearings, came up with adding 3 more for more weight to improve the overall spin and smoothness. Much cool IMO!
Just a quick little demo/review of a really low cost fidget spinner by Fidget Things. These are $11.99 shipped via Etsy. Check em out here:
Get it here... Support the Peter von Panda channel here... BESTTY Hand Spinner, BESTTY Metal 3D Ultra Durable Triangle Hand Spinner EDC Fidget Spinner Toy Fingertip Gyro for For ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, Made [More]
Get the best EDC Stars and Stripes Fidget Spinner you can get. The 1 R188 size bearing is secured inside the unit with a screw cap. The caps are then screwed together to fit to [More]
Please check out, New designs on This is a fidget spinner made out of ABS 3D pointed plastic. It has 4 ceramic bearings making this the most expensive plastic spinner. Designed by Spin Spec, [More]
50 Second Spin time! Just got 2 new versions of EDC Spinners. Both have white bodies, but have different color counter weight bearings. I bought multiples of each fidget spinner to test the consistency of [More]
ADHD Focus Anxiety Relief Toys !! Amazing player by:
Check it out here: