We will make this fidget spinner plane fly! Let us know if you have any ideas of what we should do with this plane. Check out some stuff we sell: https://goo.gl/hpZcEV FLITE FEST: https://goo.gl/lpWHGl https://flitetest.com/ [More]
How to Make Fidget Spinner Fly ! Easy Magic Tutorial fidget spinner trick 【YouTube】https://www.youtube.com/hideswitch2008 【Twitter】https://twitter.com/hideswitch1
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Hello kids watch our cute little cartoon Gummy bear Little Baby playing and flying on fidget spinner toys fun finger family nursery rhymes for kids funny cartoon collection and plus lot more lollipop ice cream [More]
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Fidget Spinner with remote control. It's not real. It's a film effect. More info and details: https://crearec.com/flying-rc-fidget-spinner
Drones are lots of fun, and spinners are "so hot right now." Why not combine both of them into a tiny RC vehicle that not only flies, but can be spin around on two fingers? [More]
Hey guys so in the video i teach you how to make a rare flying fidget hand spinner with stuff you can find in your house. These videos usually never work but this one actually [More]
Di video ini gue akan sharing ke kalian gimana caranya bikin flying spinner hanya dengan menggunakan botol plastik bekas, lakban dan karet gelang. Follow aja udah http://www.youtube.com/KoharoTV http://www.twitter.com/KoharoTV http://www.instagram.com/KoharoTV Camguy: Ahmad Zahid Music by: MDK [More]
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