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How to make fast , increase Spin time, of cheap quality Fidget Spinner How to increase Spin time of Spinner Do this and your cheap fidget spinner spin time will be increased. (For steel ball [More]
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just a video i made to give you an idea on how to make a cheap fidget spinner spin longer.. this one went from 30 seconds to over 2 minutes
Denim Dudes What's up Smiley World!! Make your fidget spinner go faster/longer!! If you want to make of these : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=P89Ar7QOGu0 I hope you all enjoyed the video and if you did don't forget to [More]
what you need rubbing alcohol little container tweezer step 1: poor the alcohol into the container step 2: mix the middle part of the spinner around for 30-60 seconds step 3: leave the middle part [More]