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Do want to learn how to hydro dip? Have you seen all those hydro dipping vlogs from TannerFox and StephenSharer, like "1000MPH FIDGET SPINNER (HYDRO DIP!)" or "HYDRO DIPPING BODY PARTS!"? Pretty fun! I wanted [More]
Can you hydro dip a fidget stick at home? See What's Inside a Fidget Stick: We found out what a fidget stick is made of over on the What's Inside channel, and it was [More]
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Hey guys i hoped you all enjoyed watching the video and hopefully learned how to dip your spinner and make it look custom just the way you would like it. In this case i only [More]
Click the link in our bio to watch our newest video and find out how YOU can win a FREE FIDGET SPINNER! - We are giving away the brand new hydro-dipped fidget spinner that we [More]
Wear gloves try at your own risk use hot water for a fidget spinner
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