DIY fidget spinner watter balloons. very fan and easy to make enjoy 🙂
Giant Slime Water Balloon? What Happens?! Instead of a giant Orbeez water balloon we filled up a Giant Balloon and Wubble Bubble with two ingredient slime! ❤ Subscribe for upcoming videos here: ❤ More [More]
Get Quidd here ►►► Fidget Spinner: Here is a follow up to the top 98 best fidget spinner channel video of 2017! A fidget spinner is a type of stress relieving toy. A basic [More]
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So I bought a Fidget Spinner and I've already chucked it in water! Today I felt like throwing a Fidget Spinner in water and here is what happened! Subscribe To Me Here: Most Popular [More]
Today Tiger was playing with his glow in the dark fidget spinner in the restroom when the fidget spinner flew out of his hands into the dirty toilet water! Tiger ran upstairs to call his [More]
Hey guys, joshplayzgames here. (Or GamingwithDIY) Anyway, this is a video on how to make a fidget spinner out of bottle caps. It didn't quite work out, but in the end I explain how it [More]
This video will show you how to repair your wet rusted FIDGET SPINNER that you accidentally dropped water on, fell into the swimming pool, or you got soda on. You will need just a few [More]