Finally went back to school shopping! I still have to get a couple more things but school is literally around the corner so just filmed what I could! Also of course we ALWAYS have to [More]
Trying these viral trends at 3AM was so scary!! I can't believe I made fluffy slime, balanced fidget spinners while trying not to flinch challenge, and even attempted a conspiracy theory test by looking into [More]
Bad Kids Steal M&M's IRL vs Bad Mommy Fidget Spinner in this Youtube Kids video with Naiah and Elli. She is like JoJo Siwa Kid In a candy store when she sees all the candy [More]
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Accidents will happen in this funny prank when the fidget spinner toy falls in the toilet after Bad Kid Naiah steaks the fidget spinner from Elli! Mommy and Daddy will freak if they find out [More]
Hey guys I know you love bows and fidget spinners are so cool xoxo this is a toy review
New SQUISHY at Claire's fidget spinner JoJo Siwa bows Shopping at Claire's
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