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FOAD Gang takes fidget spinner tricks to a new level at the skatepark. Follow us on Insta: https://www.instagram.com/foadgang/ Featuring: @jackofff @skrtreynolds @eservice @yungtrapjesus666 @bradytweedy @pizza69slut @connorscoots_official Directed/Edited by Jackson Bradshaw Filmed by Chase Davis, Evan [More]
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Amazing Tricks With Skill Toys (Fidget Spinner, Yo-Yo and more) - Awesome People Compilation 2017 List of skill toys Using with compilation: Fidget Spinner, Alaska yo-yo, Astrojax, Balisong, Baton, Begleri, Bouncy ball, Buugeng, Cardistry, Chatter [More]
Juggling the fidget spinner while I am at work.. 😉
Fidget spinner and juggling because..why not? current world record on record setters web site.