Fidget spinners have become an EXTREMELY popular topic over the past month or so... WHY NOT MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT IT!!! Batman fidget spinner link: My INSTAGRAM link: My Twitter:
Because everything is bigger & better at Kings Dominion.
KING GOBLIN FIDGET SPINNER | Clash Royale | Polymer Clay Tutorial | Collector,s Edition ES : XtremBox!! Os muestra en este video cómo hacer un Fidget Spinner personalizado con arcilla polimerica tomando como referencia los [More]
Triton V2 Prototype Fidget Spinner (VC EDC) Long Spinner KING Check them out: Spinner List: The Daily Fidget: My Instagram: @speedytechsolutions Spin Space Community:
Glad to upload this second video! I'm enjoying making them and another video will be uploaded soon of me and my friend jumping into my pool from the trampoline! Thanks for everything! Instagram- dallaskingjr Snapchat- [More]