This is a cool 2-arms spinner in the shape of the batman logo.In addition, it features 2 RGB LEDs which light up when spinning. Use it this way: Hold spinner in one hand and use [More]
Switch Control LED TRI Fidget Hand Spinner Toys for Kids Adults ADHD EDC Autism Anxiety Relief Mental .
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Experiment Shredding Cool Led Fidget Spinner And Toys | The Crusher Link to enter the giveaway : Buy your own Cool Led Fidget Spinner : Get your Lighting McQueen : Get your [More]
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This video is about how to make hand spinner with glowing LED lights! All you need to make a spinner: ☑ 3-layer plywood ☑ Bearing (from skateboard, roller...) ☑ LEDs ☑ 100 Ohm resistors ☑ [More]
DIY Fidget Spinner that lights up! 2017 How To Make a Fidget Spinner! LED Fidget Spinner! Learn how to make a fidget spinner that lights up! In this video you will learn how to make [More]
Order your own LED Fidget Spinner here: In this video I'm reviewing the cheap generic brand LED Fidget Spinner. It advertises the following: •Great For Hands Toys •Helps Relieve Stress •Easy to [More]
kid swallows a $100 led fidget spinner.. I can't believe these kids are swallowing fidget spinners and squeaky toys and all kinds of crazy stuff! Follow me on instagram and like my latest post for [More]
Hand Spinner LED - Aluminum Spinner - Regular Tri-Spinner - Hand Spinner LED Fidget Toys Aluminum ADHD EDC Autism Anxiety Relief Mental Review ThinkUnBoxing 4K LED Aluminium hand spinner (LED battery is [More]