BRICK X BRICK is back! To kick things off, professional LEGO artist Adam Ward is going to show you how to build a whole bunch of LEGO fidget spinners! You can do some pretty awesome [More]
Batman is trying a new thing. Animation by Brick Animator Music by Kevin MacLeod (licensed under Creative Commons)
Today tries to make a home made fidget spinner out of Leland's Legos. Took daddy hours to get one made and once he was finally finish he wanted to show it off to Leland, but [More]
Make this LEGO Transformer Fidget Spinner called 'Arty' - It's a Folding Hand Spinner and it can be configured in vehicle, robot or fidget spinner mode. Today's SUPER SUB: Lego Mania - SUPER SUB [More]
Fidget Spinner Lego Music: Tobu - Such Fun: Tidzlinjen
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if you enjoyed todays DIY LEGO Gallium Fidget Spinner please like and subscribe! How to make a Fidget Spinner out of gallium and lego pieces!! Fun home made project to try, use a ball bearing [More]
Only the instructions were released on the Lego website. This video shows the construction of both and compares the two. Fidget Spinner A - 19 Pieces Fidget Spinner B - 23 Pieces Some of our [More]
Nerf Lego Fidget Spinner Gun is the latest GunVsGun Nerf War video! A lego fidget spinner AND a Nerf gun? Now that's an epic Nerf gun mod! SUBSCRIBE: NERF WAR: LEGO FIDGET SPINNER NERF [More]