This DIY GIANT LIGHT UP Fidget Spinner is the best spinner! I'll show you step by step how to make your own DIY Light up fidget spinner! Some you need a spinner and some you [More]
200$+ SHOPPING HAUL SQUISHIES, FIDGET SPINNERS, WIGS & MORE! OMG! Guys Rosegal sent us so much stuff! The fidget spinners are so cool there are light up ones and a light up bluetooth fidget spinner [More]
Hi My first Fidget spinner I lost it! 🙁 , so I replaced it with this lovely purple one, its the same LED light up Fidget spinner. I have my guinea pig with me in [More]
If you guys want one go to the mall also subscribe,comment and like goodbye The battery required for the product is a lithium cell battery CR1220. For switching the battery you need to open the circle bearing gently from the side in the back of the spinner using [More]
How To Make Paper Fidget Spinner at Home Without Bearings Light Blue Easy Paper Fidget Spinner Without Bearings how to make a Hand spinner without a bearing and customize ___ Name;__ Light Blue Zebra [More]
Today I went to Justice and the Asian mall to get squishies for my friends birthday. I hope you enjoy and hope everyone has an awesome 4th of July.
I open 3 fidget spinners and show you them
Customization of the LED's to display text Fidget Spinner. Fox example: Customer orders a spinner and his name is Jonathan, then we program the LED light to have pattern name 'Jonathan' that is displayed when [More]