This is where you can buy these awesome Fidget spinners:
3D-printed fidget spinner with blinking RGB-LEDs, creating psychedelic light patterns into the air while spinning ("Persistence of Vision" effect). The 3D design and full instructions are available at - Enjoy!
You would be thinking that I am crazy.... Well that I am coz I bought My Third Fidget.... This one is for Rs. 300 and has LED lights..
I regret making this. but sometimes you just need to upload lel (feel free to subscribe it helps out a lot) In this video i simply test whether or not the magnetic bearings have an [More]
INSANE LED LIGHT UP FIDGET SPINNER UNBOXING │ FIDGET SPINNER TOY GIVEAWAY (FREE FIDGET SPINNERS) Fidget spinners are the most popular thing out right now and people cant get enough of these things!! So I [More]
Hi today I get my first Fidget Spinner with Lights! It's so exciting I ve been waiting for this. I open it and play with it , and enjoy the fun. I really hope you [More]
Purchase address: This hand spinner featuring LED light, Bluetooth speaker, ABS material, and compact size. Easy to carry. Features Designed with LED light and Bluetooth speaker, the Bluetooth version is V4.0. Especially helpful to relax [More]
This video is to fix the LED button light whcih sometimes does not work.
GIVING PEOPLE FIDGET SPINNERS AT A RED LIGHT!! If you guys made it to the end and wanna see me dumpster dive for chips, drop a like and comment "go dumpster diving" ! 🔥 Instagram [More]