Challenge between Elias and his dad for the longest fidget spinner spin time. Wedstrijd tussen Elias en zijn papa om het langst de fidget spinner laten draaien. Please Like 🙂
On June 11, 2017 Sam Magor spun a fidget spinner between his pinky finger and thumb for 17.37 seconds. In this video, I spin a fidget spinner between my pinky finger and thumb for 25.02 [More]
ET Spinner - Kepler Technology (Spinetic Spinners) Fidget Toy LONGEST SPINS!!!! Get yours at: SpeedyTech’s Instagram: @speedytechsolutions Spin Space Community:
this is a very nice all metal alloy spinner with very nice r188 bearings & nice metal bowl shaped buttons with very fine machine detailing from amazon there is only two down sides to this [More]
Trinity does a test between a regular fidget spinner and one of the world's longest spinning small fidget spinners! Guys follow the links below to get your very own "Little Tank Fidget Spinner"! [More]
Good but I have got it to go for 5:49 so ok time 😋
I bought several fidget spinners on Ebay a couple days ago, range from 3$ to 40$, did a quick spin test, please check it out. 1- gold gyroscope focus, very light, cheap imitate from China [More]
James discusses what makes a good fidget spinner for fidgeting, doing tricks, and longest spin times! BEST FIDGET SPINNERS FEATURED IN THIS VIDEO: Rainbow Spinner by Accmor: (7-8 MINUTES SPIN TIME) ChillaX Tri-Spinner by [More]
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Welcome to my channel and enjoy the video 😉 This Fidget Spinner Spins For 20 MINUTES!!!