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the standard bearings that we use at CJ3d Prints come packed with a lot of grease lubricant. while its good for skate boarding and extending the life of the bearing under strenuous use, hand spinners [More]
How to correctly clean your skateboard bearings. If you want to wash your skateboard bearings with the rubber shields, well its the same. BUT Take off the shields by pushing a needle through the backside [More]
Learn how to make a bearing cleaning kit for $5. Go to for more info. Before you begin cleaning skateboard bearings it is best to see if the bearings are worth cleaning first. Sometimes [More]
in this video i will teach you how to lube a fidget spinner by using sunflower oil. i was surprised when i found out it actually works...
Today we cleaned a fidget spinner with lubricant and air this is the best way and easiest to do
No sponsored content in this video. My son has a handful of fidget spinners and some of them are drying out, noisy, and don't work well. Here's my experience in trying to lubricate and bring [More]