Waddup Guys, HCubes here back with another video. For today, we will be testing maru if it were to be put inside a fidget spinner!!! Buy the exact products that I showed in the video!! [More]
How to Oil a Fidget Spinner: https://fidgetdoctor.com/blogs/news/how-to-oil-a-fidget-spinner How to Clean and Maintain Your Fidget Spinner: https://fidgetdoctor.com/blogs/news/how-to-clean-and-maintain-your-fidget-spinner STEPS TO OIL A FIDGET SPINNER: Before you start the process of oiling your spinner, you'll want to get [More]
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**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Materials: -Rubbing Alcohol -Lubricant (Speed Cream, WD-40, Rusty Duck, etc. EASY!
Putting soap in fidget spinner to see if Otis better or worse
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