Today We are going over 3 different type of product to speed up our spinners. 1. Bones Speed Cream + other oil based lubricant (Make spinner quieter, but half the spin time or worse) 2. [More]
Fidget Spinner Time Test Vaseline, also known as petroleum jelly Vs Olive Oil What product do you think will make a fidget spinner hand spinner toy spin longer? 👍 LIKE & SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE AWESOME [More]
Putting Hand sanitizer in fidget spinner to see if it is better or worse
NOTE: Sorry for the sound issues *right* at the key part, i will be remaking this vieo. Fidget Spinners can be a bit loud, which in the Office or School can be a distraction. Here [More]
BEST WAYS TO CLEAN BEARINGS FOR YOUR FIDGET SPINNER smoke tricks - spinner without bearing - easy way to make spinner - all about fidget toy hand spinner -
Or you can buy ready 608/625 bearings here:
Only need 3 in One Oil, an empty pill bottle, and Oderless Mineral Spirits. Just drop a bearing into the mixture and shake the bottle then take out and test on spinner or yoyo. Like [More]
Does WD-40 Help with spin times or make it worse? Our videos are for entertainment purposes only. Do not try to recreate them! Cubedhost TeamSpeak Sponsor - Get 25% off your own TeamSpeak server today! [More]
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Fidget Spinner Toys... Should You Lubricate Your Fidget Spinner? Adding oil or lubricant to the spinners center bearing, the spinner's life has decreased.