The Torqbar and other fidget spinners use dry bearings, so they don't need oil or lubricant, but I had some machine oil ( ) around and wanted to give it a shot. This is [More]
So I put weight 3 in two different fidget spinners. Leave video suggestions, comments, or criticism in the comment section - they are always welcome! My Website With PB's, Mains, and more!: My Instagram [More]
What will lubricating your fidget spinner do. Here is a quick result of what lubricating you fidget spinner will do. Hope you enjoy. Like the video, subscribe and leave comments about what I should post [More]
I try out 4 very different lubricants on 4 seemingly identical fidget spinners Our videos are for entertainment purposes only. Do not try to recreate them! Cubedhost TeamSpeak Sponsor - Get 25% off your own [More]
Today, I test a ball bearing lubricant inside my Fidget spinner. (Edit: I just realized how many times I said "speed decrease is just not worth it" 😂)
In this video I go over a few methods of cleaning your fidget spinner's bearings in order to obtain higher spin times. Spinnymajig on Etsy: Fidget Spinner SubReddit: Don't forget to comment and [More]
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Like comment and subscribe you can also use vetgabke oil and water mixed together
These spinners are freaking amazing. Here's where I got mine: Check it out on Amazon
Try the most customizable Spinners on eBay & Etsy, with very good quality both for bodies and bearings: 🔸 🔹 When your fidget spinner looses its orginal fluidity, it's time to lubricate it! [More]