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Aluminum / brass fidget spinner for the win!! Due to a huge momentum it can spin up to 3 minutes with proper lubrication. In this video I am going to make one on a lathe, [More]
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Pessoal infelizmente não estou mais vendendo mas vou deixar o vídeo disponível
HobbyMom makes a BATMAN fidget spinner using Gallium melting metal! We use fire to melt it. Do not attempt. Subscribe for NEW Shows: ---TOY VIDEOS--- Family Video Gaming Fun: World's Biggest Surprise Eggs: [More]
I wrote a METAL song using fidget spinners as guitar picks! ... Fidget spinners DO djent!! SUBSCRIBE here ► ► Patreon - ► Stevie T MERCH - ► Spotify - ► [More]
Very interesting Fidget Spinners! Metal UFO, Hand Spinner with Lights, Naruto and more! Have fun watching! Share this Video: Subscribe to Our Channel and Get More Fidget Spinners Videos for Children: * Lego [More]
Paulinho sai em busca dos Fidget Spinners Raros em uma aventura muito lega e divertida. Encontramos os Fidget Spinners raros, gatos, brinquedos... Vídeo para crianças e família. Fidget Spinners Rare Metal for Kids, video for [More]
Here is my favorite 8 brass / gold fidget hand spinners. I give a review, do a weight and spin timed test. There may be a giveaway on one of these spinners so let me [More]
World Longest Spinning Fidget Spinner How to make a amazing fidget spinner using chain at home with in 5 minute. The Process is pretty simple. Just use a ball bearing and a bicycle chain. [More]