Since I haven't done an unboxing in a while thought I'd share what we received today in the mail Shorts, reel, seeds, and oh yes fidget spinners That match the revo aurora
Mungkin belakangan kamu sering melihat mainan unik ini berseliweran di media sosial. Yup, mainan yang punya bentuk seperti shuriken ini dikenal dengan nama Fidget Spinner dan sedang populer di kalangan remaja masa kini. Nah tapi [More]
The Most Expensive Fidget Spinners in the World! This is crazy! these fidget spinners can become a little insane in price! I was surprised on how expensive some of these can be! I hope you [More]
Top 10 Most Expensive Fidget Spinners. 10. Crusader Price:- $260 9. Turbine Version 3 Price:- $399 8. Tispin Prop Price:- $425 7. Pepyakka-S Price:- $425 6. Black Lotus Tri Sterling Silver Price:- $445 5. Sunnytech [More]
Top 10 most expensive fidget spinners Top 3 3. Turbine Spinner The Turbine Fidget Spinner is made of grade 2 pure titanium. The main body structure is 12mm thick, and is 18mm thick at the [More]
The WORLDS MOST EXPENSIVE FIDGET SPINNER ($35,000?!) What's the worlds most expensive fidget spinner I found a good website best fidget spinner dot come and they have some AMAZING ideas. Fidget spinners have been the [More]
Fidget Spinners have taken over the world by storm. Unless you’re living under a rock, you probably know and have seen what a fidget spinner looks like. It’s the newest toy craze, and everyone’s using [More]