Kali ini kita akan membuat spinner no bearing yang cukup mudah dari tutup botol bekas. Agar putaran spinnernya jadi lebih kencang bisa diberi pemberat di setiap sisi dari spinner nya ya guys. Dengan design seperti [More]
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How to Make Fidget Spinner at Home Without Bearings Material requirements: 1) Two ice-Cream Sticks 2) Toothpick 3) Glue 4) Colour Paper 5) Cardboard And Watch Video For Information, Welcome to My YouTube Channel "AnimeZox" [More]
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How to build a fidget spinner with popsicle sticks, paper clip and coins, without Bearing. Thanks for Watching 🙂
HOW TO MAKE A PAPER FIDGET SPINNER WITHOUT BEARINGS! Subscribe to Channel: https://goo.gl/zbBTRI ABOUT THIS VIDEO: With this video one can easily make a paper fidget spinner without bearings at home. It is just made [More]
Hey guys! So in today's video, I'm showing you guys how to make these very simple and very easy Pokemon Fidget Spinners! These fidget toys are perfect for ADHD and for stress relief! You can [More]
Learn how to make a Bottle Caps Fidget Spinner Toy Without Bearings step by step. All you need is a few Bottle Caps, glue sticks, Kabab Stick, Beads and a paper clip. No bearings required. [More]
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So many have asked for more paper spinners and the easier the better so here is a really really simple one! With some cool illusion effects! Enjoy! Love you all! Follow me on: https://www.instagram.com/randomizemediy/ https://twitter.com/randomizemediy [More]