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Wow, Amazing Explosive Chain Reaction! Fidget Spinner Over 100 Fire Crackers! Firework Poland Fire Cracker Chain Reaction. 3$ Fidgeter vs FireCracker Bundle! Crazy Fire Explosion Reaction, Wow! Check it out now, leave me a comment [More]
Mum warns others about fidget spinners catching on fire But seemingly harmless fidget spinners could actually be pretty dangerous. Especially the Bluetooth connected versions of the toy, which appear to be unexpectedly setting on fire. [More]
I didn't choose the fidget spinner life it chose me, just some fun little tricks and goofing around hope you all enjoy this video 👋🏼
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This year’s hottest toy may be a little too hot. Consumerwatch reporter Julie Watts reports on cases of fidget spinners catching fire.
How to make make a simple fidget spinner toy. Also: Hand Spinner Glow in the Dark & DIY LED Fidget Spinner Toy - 3 ways to make Music: Invisible
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