Yo what's up Kak Krew ! So I thought I'd try out a little trick I saw a lot of people doing online that involves a fidget spinner and a pen. Needless to say it [More]
Transform your fidgets into brilliant ideas with the Think Ink Fidget Pen. Loaded up with things to keep your hands busy, this pen will keep you focused and on track. Great for students and professionals [More]
DIY Decorate your fidget spinner with cool water marble colors! Click here to buy fidget spinners! http://amzn.to/2roYE4v Also, these look amazing in Blacklight! 🙂 *************************** About My Channel! I’m a 3D printing pen expert. I [More]
How to make Fidget Spinner at home for 4th of July using 3D printing pen. This DIY tutorial will show you how to easily make your own fidget spinner. All you need is a 3D [More]
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• SPIN - - The invisible force of rare-earth magnets creates a floating , silent spinner that you can push and pull for additional fidget fun !! • FLEX -- the spring - like resistance [More]