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We attempted to skip a fidget spinner across the water! Although It didnt work I thought it would be fun to try myself. By now you have probably seen the FunkBros "Flying Fidget Spinner (1000MPH)", [More]
The fidget spinner toy is in the toilet water tub today! Princess T and Pham play Hide N Seek with the fidgets and one gets left behind and clogs the tub, accidents will happen fast! [More]
Today Tiger is trying out the new water proof Fidget Spinner from the ice-cream man! Summer Time Family Fun at Water Park, watch Tiger swim under water with fidget spinner! Fun video for kids and [More]
Boss Baby accidently drops his phone into toilet while pooping. He is too scare to touch the toilet. So he tricks Jimbo that he drops Jimbo’s spinner into toilet. Freaking out, Jimbo puts his hand [More]
WE LEARNED TO WALK ON WATER! WE SUCCESSFULLY RAN ON WATER! WATCH THE VLOG AND SEE HOW WE DID IT! Today Carter Sharer and I (Stephen Sharer) started to set up for the big Slip-n-Slid [More]
Minnie ToysReview: FIDGET SPINNER TOY IN TOILET! Bad Kid Steals Sister's Fidget Spinner and pulls a prank on her. OMG the big sister is very mad and is wearing hulk superhero mask! This is similar [More]
WILL THE FIDGET SPINNER EXPLODE THE BALLOON? TESTING THE MOST DANGEROUS FIDGET SPINNERS EVER!  Today Carter Sharer and I (Stephen Sharer) decided to test just how dangerous these fidget spinners are.  So we went to the driveway [More]
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