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Spinner "pre-order" here: http://cogentindustries.com/spinner You know the drill... today I make yet another fidget spinner (or hand spinner as some people like to call them). Again this is a titanium edc spinner with a brass [More]
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Thanks for watching! Make sure to leave a like and subscribe! This is one of my FAVORITE spinners this company makes GREAT spinners and I would check it out! Premium Quad Stainless Steel Fidget spinner [More]
packing: box package. Material: Metal frame, plastic gear ,R188 bearings time: about 4mins spin https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/50pcs-lot-New-Four-wheel-linkage-Fidget-spinner-HandSpinner-Fingertips-Spinner-EDC-Plastic-Fidgets-Toys-Gyro/1871323_32806701479.html?spm=2114.12010608.0.0.uv82zd wholesale link https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/50pcs-lot-New-Four-wheel-linkage-Fidget-spinner-HandSpinner-Fingertips-Spinner-EDC-Plastic-Fidgets-Toys-Gyro/1871323_32807290699.html?spm=2114.12010608.0.0.fV28bq
Twin Blades Quad Dual Fidget Spinner Amazon China , really nice spinner solid metal & good r188 bearings but had some issues , i had to glue the bearing in place & i had to [More]
Giant Fidget Spinner! | DIY- Today we made a Giant Quad Fidget Spinner with four sides! See how to make this Super Easy and family fun activity for kids! The First Giant QUAD Fidget Spinner [More]