A great black coated brass 4 arm spinner by Spinetic Spinners. Like the stainless steel version, this sexy black version comes with the standard R188 bearing. Somewhat sharp corners on the stainless steel version are [More]
** APPEND - The extra bearing is a HYBRID CERAMIC bearing, not SS ** Slice Of My Life: First of all, a huge thank you goes out to Adrian D'Souza of Damned Designs for sending [More]
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A very underrated quad arm spinner in my opinion. Nice machining, smooth spin, great fidgetability and arguably the best warping spinner on the market. I definitely recommend this beauty. You can pick yours up at [More]
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FREAKY JOKER Crushes Spiderman Fidget Spinner Toy Under Quad w Iron Man & Hulk in Real Life Subscribe For More Like & share & Comment Music: Youtube Audio Library Music by Kevin MacLeod is licensed [More]
JUST A QUICK CHAT ABOUT THE MODS & THE SPINNER 🙂 THE SMALL MODS I HAD TO MAKE ARE EASY TO DO 🙂 but you will need cheap epoxy resin 🙂 i buy mine on [More]