Which of these spinners will spin the longest? The 94g or 86g or 78g? This video is a review of several rainbow colored metal spinners. I hope you like it. Colorful Spinners Fidget Spinner Metal [More]
Im gonna try to give some of these out as giveaways. Ill prob do a surprise giveaway on these ill try to make this one worldwide for guys! Which ones do you guys like best [More]
Let's make cool fidget spinners for you and your friends! We've prepared a mini fidget spinner collection. The multicolor fidget spinners release the stress by spinning and changing colors. We hope you'll enjoy! Supplies and [More]
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Rainbow fidget spinner- http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rainbow-Brass-Tri-Spinner-EDC-Fidget-Spinner-Focus-Toy-Fingertip-Gyro-US-Ship-/192165737299?hash=item2cbdf87353:g:H6oAAOSwuMZZDvdl Gold fidget spinner vid- https://youtu.be/PxwX8VaRaAU Plastic fidget spinners vid- https://youtu.be/1oELXnamiSg Music- NCS Be sure to follow me on twitter @Betrayus1234 for all my channel news. Rate, comment, and subscribe you'll get [More]
Whats up guys today I got another fidget spinner up for unboxing and review. Today we got a $5 Fidget Spinner off Banggood.com. This is an all metal bar spinner fidget spinner with a really [More]
Stories With Toys & Dolls paints fidget spinners like My Little Pony characters Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight, Rarity, and Apple Jack. Fun DIY custom fidget spinners for kids!! ❤️❤️ TO SEE ALL MY TOYS [More]
Whats up guys so today I got the Magicfly Rainbow Fidget Spinner up for unboxing and review. This fidget spinner is very unique and interested. I have never seen a fidget spinner shaped like this [More]
SUPER RARE RAINBOW METAL FIDGET SPINNERS! Make sure to subscribe for more awesome videos! I was tipped off by Erick that a store near my house was selling these... I had to get some and [More]