They banned fidget spinners in my school, because when you are in a quiet room and spin a fidget spinner it makes a loud noise, which would distract a lot of people, also you stop [More]
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Fidget spinners - hot or not?
Finally a new video! The Popularity of a thing called a fidget spinner was so sudden on my arrival. That I had to put my thoughts into it. And it Sucks, as it is pointless [More]
These gosh darn fidget whippers are making me crazy.
Welcome back to MAFrants where I rant about stuff This episode: Fidget Spinners. I hate those things. It's time someone took a stand and lend a hand to say "Fuck off fidget Spinner!".
I hate fidget spinners I hate fidget spinners #ihatefidgetspinners #fidgetspinner Turn on notifications 🔔🔔🔔 15 likes and everyone gets pizza 🍕🍕🍕 You guys are awesome 😎 Subscribe and become part of the comical squad ☑️ [More]