My Fidget Cube that backed from Antsylabs - Kickstarter, and my fake Figet Cube that bought from Aliexpress. - My fake Fidget Cube unbox: - Introducing Fidget Cube - Useless cube the ultimate useless [More]
Hello people of earth! Welcome to my YouTube channel! My name is Bernice and today we will be identifying the real fidget spinners vs the fakes! People like to scam people and its sick! So, [More]
fake vs real fidget spinners Real vs. Fake: The Infamous Case of the Quickly Copied Fidget Cube “Stop it.” “Stop.” When I was a kid, my mom would constantly tell me to stop shaking my [More]
Hey guys its Me M.A. So today im gonna be doing fidget spinner test for 20 seconds around of them.. In this video im with my brother Gaming Boy 2003.. SO I HOPE YOU GUYS [More]
Here's the link for the fidget:
Hey guys Wenrik here and today i got my fidget spinner if u want more fidget spinners like battles hit the 👍👍like button and yah! Peace!✌️✌
Fidget Spinner fake vs real (falso-original) cuál es? Aquí hay dos modelos hand spinner cuál es el imitación? Comenta y subscríbete para más videos. Checa mi ultimo Vlog: (FONYT) Canal: JOIN ME ON [More]
Fidget Spinner / FAKE VS REAL! Hope you guys enjoyed the video! Create your free intro from here: I DO NOT OWN ANY MUSIC (if used) IN THE VIDEO