Thanks for all the views on my sneaker collection video, hopefully this one can do just as well as that one. Watch the whole video to know what to comment for the shoutout. I will [More]
Here is a Break Down Comparison, Review and spin test on a brass fidget hand spinner that is 120g, 105g, & 75g. US Brass Spinner- UK Brass Spinner- CA Brass Spinner- Buyten [More]
We are Shenzhen factory, produce all kinds of spinners. Here is regular fidget spinner comparison: Ceramic bearing Steel bearing offer 8 ball bearing/ also 7 ball or 10 ball bearing Black metal bearing no rust [More]
Buy Gold Metal Triangle Fidget Spinner: Unboxing of the Gold Metal Triangle Fidget Spinner, how long will this hand spinner spin for? SUBSCRIBE: WEBSITE: 🌎 Follow my journey below: ➡ YouTube: [More]
Doing a giveaway as well:) Rules: 1-subscribe 2-stay active on my channel 3-comment why you wanna win it Hope u enjoyed:)》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》《《《《《《《《《》》》》》》》》》》 *30 likes* ???? Until next time, cya 🙂
Just a review on a totally awesome Fidget Spinner. I do a spin time test as well. Link to Spinner on Amazon: Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link for Amazon. You are helping to [More]
Roman Atwood V1 Fidget Spinner Vs V2! Spin Test V1 Vs V2! Smile More V1 Fidget Spinner Vs V2! Can we hit 250 likes xD on this video!! I really hope you guys enjoy the [More]
If you didn't watch the whole video the fidget spinner spun for : 6:46 ( If you did watch the whole video it's 6:46 because I started the timer a second too late ) :D. [More]