SPINNING 4 FIDGET SPINNERS AT 3AM *FREDDY FAZBEAR CAME TO MY HOUSE* OMG SO SCARY!!! Do not spin a fidget spinner at 3am THIS is WHY! I did the creepy 3am fidget spinner challenge and [More]
in this show you how long the EWR fidget spinner spins with a single flick! Most of the spinners I've seen advertise spinning up to 2:30 or 3:00 minutes, but it really depends on how [More]
Damian and Deion make a song of their favorite fidget spinners and debut their first music video called "SPIN IT RIGHT" a parody of Bruno Mars' "thats what i like" Hope you guys enjoy it. [More]
Those metallic gear spinners are premium high quality spinner and have amazing spin time. 1. Gear Style Dual-bar Fidget Spinner - GOLDEN http://bit.ly/2xEPNBh 2. Stress Relief Toy Spinning Toy Gears Finger Spinner http://bit.ly/2fQhWMo http://bit.ly/2xEk570 3. [More]
Funny video of a terrier spinning 3 fidget spinners at a time on his nose and paws trick epic for media enquires for this dog please contact fiona@animalextras.com.au
If your fidget spinner get slow do this following steps. If your spinner got broke follow this step in this video i show you guys simple steps. No need to oiling just follow this steps. [More]
Today Tiger will try to sack the highest tower of fidget spinners and watch it all spinning at the same time! Rare fidget spinners in use for the tower! Fun video for kids and adults! [More]
Fidget Spinners are the new 'it' thing! I always love a new challenge so as a client ordered some fidget spinner cookies, I decided I would try and make them spin just like the real [More]
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