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I took my 3D PRINTED Fidget Spinners to the Grand Canyon and wanted to do a little EXPERIMENT to see what would happen if you DROPPED A FIDGET SPINNER INTO THE GRAND CANYON! I lost [More]
Today i experiment with a fidget spinner underwater to see if it works well. Watch the video to find out the answer.
Unboxing a fidget spinner and testing it under water.... WHATTTTTTT???? does it spin???? Music by NCS Buy it here: http://www.gearbest.com/novelty-toys/pp_617085.html?lkid=10688690&lkid=10688694 http://www.gearbest.com/novelty-toys/pp_617085.html?lkid=10688690
SO crazy that I was able to spin a fidget spinner underwater! If you would like me to get a metal fidget spinner and try it underwater, please let us know! If you have any [More]
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FIDGET SPINNER UNDERWATER!! | FIDGET SPINNER VS WATER | INSANE FIDGET SPINNER EXPERIMENT!! ayee yo wuz good people it's me migs here back at you guys with another video #anothaone!! 😀 so in this video [More]
FIDGET SPINNER VS THE POOL | WILL IT SPIN? Make sure to subscribe for more awesome videos! We put the fidget spinners through a series of underwater tests... watch and see what happens! My Social [More]