9,999+ MPH FIDGET SPINNER VS WINE GLASS!!! *SHOCKING* I hope you enjoyed this video! I made my fidget spinner go super fast with an air compressor and put the fidget spinner to the wine glass! [More]
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$5 FIDGET SPINNER Vs. $5000 FIDGET SPINNER! (Floating Fidget Spinner VS Glass Fidget Spinner)
Putting the 1000mph Fidget Spinner to the test with some extreme experiments/tricks (1000MPH Fidget Spinner vs Wine Glass, Fidget Spinner vs Coke & then vs the Human Eye). Don't try these experiments at home but [More]
I experiment with fidget spinner vs human hand, wine glass, and light bulb, then I destroy it with a superbike, blender, and the 1000 Degree Knife!! This got crazyyyyy 20,000 LIKES AND I'LL DESTROY ANOTHER! [More]
$1000 GOLD FIDGET SPINNER VS INFINITE SPIN FIDGET SPINNER!! $5 FIDGET SPINNER Vs. $5000 FIDGET SPINNER! (Floating Fidget Spinner VS Glass Fidget Spinner) $2 Fidget Spinner VS Fidget Spinner Video Today! Here are Fidget Spinner [More]
FIDGET SPINNER TRICKS GONE WRONG! In today's video, we do the FASTEST FIDGET SPINER vs a wine glass and a Coke and Mentos filled Wubble Bubble. It went horribly wrong! SUBSCRIBE IF YOU'RE NEW: https://goo.gl/rW0HxH [More]
Maybe you saw the TannerFox videos "1000mph FIDGET SPINNER VS iPHONE!" and "1000mph FIDGET SPINNER VS WINE GLASS!" or maybe you watched the MoreWolfie video "1000MPH FIDGET SPINNER VS iPHONE 7!". Stephensharer also had some [More]
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