High Score ( 20000000 (WORLD RECORD)
WORLD'S BIGGEST FIDGET SPINNER IN HUMAN HISTORY! In this episode we play! is the same as BUT 1000X Better!!! We try to defeat every Fidget Spinner in the server & become the [More]
OMG Fastest Fidget Spinner??!! *World Record* This is not clickbait at all. XD420PRANKEDGETNOSCOPED$$$$
In this clip buddy the balancing wonder dog shows his awesome mastery of the fidget spinner by shattering his previous record of a minute and twenty seconds, just missing the two minute mark! Will any [More]
In this video, we test the limits of the Fidget Spinner and hook it up to an air compressor to see how fast we can get it to spin.. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!! [More]
Trevor stacked 17 FIDGET SPINNERS!!!! With the help of 2 classes (Reed Fussell)
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in this video I made the world record for most bunny hops on a fidget spinner in one spin