Fidget Spinner Sings Closer By The Chainsmokers | YouTuber Dubs I hope you guys will like this video, it's probably the weirdest video i've ever made lol ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Music Provided By Sing King Karaoke) [More]
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If you're a bit older, like myself, you probably think this is one of the dumbest things you've ever seen. This is for all of you fidget spinner haters out there. See Bloopers and BTS [More]
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Who knew that a small plastic toy could cause so much mayhem? The fidget spinner craze sweeping the globe certainly hasn't gone unnoticed by the Youtube community and has ignited a bizarre free-for-all of who [More]
Top 10 Unique Fidget Spinners Owned By Youtubers Fidget Spinners Have Hit The Market Like A Tsunami. Every Where You See People Talking About A Fidget Spinner. In This Video We Show You The Best [More]