Ceramic Bearings need lubrication?

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In this video I talk about ceramic bearings and do they need lubrication, which is kinda what the title says - funny that......

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Bike Suspension Clinic says:

You don't know what you'r talking about … First understand what is lubrication, then you'l realize that ceramic bearing due to their low friction coef., don't need lube. It makes the opposite effect.

1ukjunglednbraver says:

it was hot as fook

MJ Tee says:

Nice explanation! cheers..there goes my 2 stroke big end idea!
I did found this crazy american though..https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plastic_automotive_engine
Still not bearings though 😉

r smit says:

Not sure about tough? Don`t tough materials have a high modulus of elasticity, and a high Young`s modulus, (most types of steel)? Ceramic bearings are definitely strong, and so have a high Young`s modulus, but their elasticity is low, therefore they are relatively brittle. You can smash a diamond with a hammer blow. I suppose you might mark a steel ball? Love your vids – How do you make so many? X

Farlig66 says:

2:10 Harder AND Tougher…? Sure about that?? I thought as hardness increases, so does brittleness ie toughness reduces…?

Kuruma Designs says:

"And they're big nipples" lmaooo

stephen gardin says:

How can you possibly say it's too hot. You live in England. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. Our summers amount to about 5 weeks; very similar to your summers. Are you daft? I'd seen plenty of your countrymen in Italy on holiday. We called them lobsters. Couldn't get enough heat. Man up and grow a pair. Thanks for the info..

Mike Grady says:

Used to run them for my kart reae axle. They don't like dirt….at all. I went back to the original bearings……because in that application, they are shit. PLUS, they cost 4 times more money….

MrMatanay says:

You mentioned ceramic ball bearings in electric motors which runs oilless. The reason they often dont use grease and if they do its in small amounts of dielectric grease, is to stop bearing currents. Modern Frequency converters ruin steel bearings like a mothaf…. I dont know how much electrical you know of but ABB have a report on it. https://library.e.abb.com/public/8c253c2417ed0238c125788f003cca8e/ABB_Technical_guide_No5_RevC.pdf
When they use ceramic ball bearings with no grease, they will often go up in size, so that the life expectancy will be comparable to a greased steel bearing.

BTW love the new trigger warning… 😛 Keep up the good work 😉

youresushi says:

If you go the real Direct Injection closed-exhaust-port route with high pressure fuel pump, what if you use the high pressure fuel for a hydrostatic bearing?

cheezemanrich says:

What about ceramic pistons and cylinders? What's your knowledge of that? I have always wondered why nobody does it. Love your videos, has increased my tone on YouTube significantly.

69waveydavey says:

As I have said before a material that is very slippy is best for bearings, i always use bearings made from banana skins I find they are the best all round.

ned ard says:

nice use of the white board

MegaRyan123456 says:

how hot was it 🤣 its England it does not get hot

Kelly Jackson says:


Daniel M. Ramos says:

There are bearings that require no lubricants in the traditional sense. There are three I can think of off the top of my head. Air bearings or steam bearings do not require conventional lubricants as they self lubricate via the flow of air or steam. Air bearings are awesome, but require precise manufacturing and a power source to work. Magnetic bearings do not require conventional lubricants either as it is also a contactless bearing technology, but it also requires a power source. Electrodynamic bearings are also contactless bearings which are similar to magnetic bearings; however, they use the lenz effect, so it is a more passive magnetic bearing technology. Any kind of contact bearing will eventually reach a physical limitation, hence conventional lubricants will be required in my assessment. Some bearings can operate using dry carbon lubricants, but they are not suitable for engines.

TeeHeeSY says:

hey there. was wondering if i could change the bearings in my engine to hybrid ceramics. what's your take on that? its a 2 stroke 150cc kawasaki kr150 KIPS

sk8dude112 says:

Do you have ceramic balls?

Lod dude says:

Ceramic balls are just nature's way of telling you your sex life's finally gone to pot . . . even condoms need some kind of lube.

MrNoNamedIdiot says:

you developed to my favorite person on youtube in just a few days 😀

pentecost66 says:

My Ford F-350 6.7 super duty has ceramic ball bearings in the turbo charger. 60 degrees here in Alaska with 20 hours of daylight.

julian wilson says:

Didn't mention fidget spinners once…..

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