Cleaning the Spinetic Fidget Spinner R188 Bearing

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Hello Everyone!

We have noticed a lot of customers have asked us how to clean their fidget spinner bearing. We decided to make this quick video showing you how we clean ours!

*Warm Water
*Glass Cup
*Dish/Hand Soap
*Isopropyl Alcohol
*Spoon or stirring utensil
*Compressed Air
*Hair Dryer (Optional)

You can buy our X and Y Spinners, along with several other companies from around the world at:

This procedure can cause damage to your bearing and Spinetic Spinners LLC is not held liable for any issues, damages, or problems caused by trying to repeat what is shown in this video. Proceed at your own discretion.

Music Provided by: DJ Quads


Zak-Attack says:

Also can u make a tool to twist off the cap lock. One that won’t scratch it mabye one with a hard rubber flat piece

Zak-Attack says:

U should link ur channel on ur website for more subs

cruorek says:

Can you use Isopropyl Alcohol 99%, not 91%? 91 is not really available in my country πŸ™‚

Jason Lim says:

the bearing lock on my kepler xl is stuck, have been trying to open it since yesterday but it's not budging, what should I do?

Jorge Andres Becerra Rojas says:

quiero un spinner

SmallPotato5 :D says:

Guys, just don't clean your bearings, you'll make it worst
– random potato

XxDomno87xX says:

Can I use brake cleaner?

Mohamad Esfan Eldrus says:

Can i use zippo lighter fluid instead of alcohol?

I love shrek says:

My spinner went from 2:30 To 7:30 after this

SM 12345 says:

My bearing lock isn't loosening. Any suggestions?

Konatta says:

Can we use 99.9 percent alcohol

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