Combat Fidget Spinner – Detailed Design Overview in Fusion 360

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Some people asked to see how I designed the battlebot inspired fidget spinner in Fusion 360, so here you go!

Watch the original video -

This video outlines my design process in creating the spinner along with all the tweaks and changes made to get it to work. Nothing is ever designed perfectly first time around! Always test, iterate and improve.


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Aaron Vidales says:

You should've used a r188 bearing

Kin says:

Bro, that's a beyblade.

Bigwingrider1800 says:


Arne Polfliet says:

just found a youtube easter egg. when a video about fidget spinners is buffering, the loading icon is a fidget spinner!

Pedro Rocha says:

18:41 that makes it less draggy when spinning through the air, clever

sammy mezzacapo says:

Awesome post…thank you.

iWinRar says:

I have no tolerance for stupid people.

Chynovsky says:

Hi, I followed the steps to make a similar one but I get stuck on minute 19. I can't seem to get those lines for the curvature on the wings right. When i select the sketch and start making the lines they are in a completely different section separate from the model, and fillet and chamfer don't do the job. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Carnage Kenon says:

"Combat fidget spinner" motherfucker this is beyblade. Dont fuck with me

Arcorior says:

This prolly could have been 14+ minutes shorter

Tarik Hayward says:

makes me think of hub stacks

Rotary20 says:

I had an idea today. I was so excited I forgot it.

JK I lied

Irving Villanueva says:

@makersmuse if you ever need tungsten carbide ball bearings let me know the size and I can send them to you

Lance Buan says:

Hey MM, your Fusion videos have peaked my interest in learning some industrial design. I've been following along with some measure of success so far. Are there any online resources you would recommend for someone getting started?


This video was great! I really like your 3d modeling process and tips, extremely helpful. What resources do you use for learning Fusion 360?

Anton Thyrestam says:

where can i salvage bearings?

Benjamin Williams says:

I made a fidget spinner similar to yours, I put a pin on one cap, and a hole in the other, I'm hoping it helps with the rigidity of it. I hope to share soon!

medo 9 says:

great design
I have learn a lot from you

LazerLord10 says:

With the university I go to, I get a free subscription to lynda,com. Maybe I should use that over the summer to learn Fusion/solidworks.

Unauthorized Expression says:

You don't understand physics. You need weight on the outside. Look into flywheels.

Nextin3D says:

Amazing, I learned a lot from this Tutorial. Thank you.

SpockieTech says:

You could probably use round Lead Fishing "Sinkers" for about a 25% denser weight, although their low spherical accuracy might make balance difficult.
If you are *really wanting the heaviest Tungsten-Alloys commercially available, contact your local engine rebuilding shop (one that balances crankshafts) and ask them if they will sell, or where to buy "Mallory Metal" (there are various grades and densities). Its used to add weight to the counterweights and usually comes in slugs or rod lengths

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