Custom Laser Cut Fidget Spinners

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Check out how we make custom laser cut fidget spinners using a laser cutter and sublimation!

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Joe Gowac says:

The part I was hoping to see was how to put the bearring in….

rod980 says:

is it me or the circle that appears when the video is loading is also a spinner ??!

cutefoxie says:

Very nice.This is just my opinion.But I would put glue over he whole surface before gluing them together

CJPlays Overwatch Gameplay and More says:

I really like these you did a great job but for the mario one (i watched that earlier) can you see it move without a camera please answer me im really curious.

iHeartGS33 says:

You should make a KBDProductionsTV animated spinner

Dolan Turmp says:

you should've added one more layer so the bearing could be flush.

Anjaneth Luzuriaga says:

Can you make more and give it away

Maarten Keij says:

Are you able to make the running mario as a custom design?

JAT.MN says:

Man these came out great! Thanks for mine!! 🙂

Chandler Tollison says:

What kind of Lazer cutter is that? We have one at my university but it's nowhere that powerful. Is it more of a plasma cutter?

LeoCtrix says:

I want one 🙁

Mike Stewart says:

How utterly fascinating, looks like a lot of fun NOT lol

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