DANGEROUS Fidget Spinner GOLD Ninja (Finger Spinner), OVERWATCH Genji Tricks Unboxing & Review

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Get your golden demon fidget spinner (finger spinner) here: https://goo.gl/5M6Joa
Link to the smaller demon fidget spinner: https://goo.gl/fP8beW

This is a sick looking golden fidget finger spinner, there's also a smaller version that you guys might like that I show in the video.

I'll be announcing the winners from the last video in the comment section of the next video, stay tuned for that.




Oneshot KO says:

I would love to have one, I am a genji main and my friend said he would get me one and I was stoked but he ended up never giving me one, so if you could get me one, please do.

JDC0427 says:

This is so sick lmao #INEEDHEALING. definitely subbing

Oliver Cuartelon says:

that gold looks nice

David Palza says:

the way the light shines off the gold looks nice

JesterFox says:

May I please have one I don't care about the color I just want one that can go on my finger

anime is my city says:

das dope i like the black oni

Cedric Mayberry says:

i want the gold one

Christopher LaPolice says:

I want a black one

Trenton Ward says:

I really need 1 I love gengi in overwatch and I have Oni skin and that is what it is

Jay Keshwala says:

I need the gold one in my life

LaxLambo4 says:

It's an Oni Spinner!

Islamiah Miah says:

bagus seppiner nya

Mathias Resch says:

the gold lokks nice pls

zwinky899 says:

I got the same black metal one as you off of ebay but mine only spins for 10 seconds. Why is that?

hellfireprime says:

Like the black one

lil imprint9802 says:

my school mates are bullying me cause I don't have a fidget spinner

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis says:

As a genji main I need healing and that fidget spinner

G6_SWAG 247 says:

I would like the Classic Gold Finger Spinner

Wahtha Traviss says:

i commented and liked also subd

xtapa 1017 says:

I want one, genji's Oni is pretty sick

Soupharath Pradith says:

Dang I jest want this figet spinner so cool

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