Dazzling Blue Aluminium Tri Fidget Spinner Unboxing and Review

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Beautiful Blue Metal Hand Spinner that is light, well balanced and comfortable to spin.

Check out my metal gold spinner that spins for 7 minutes: https://youtu.be/vU9Ai0Sn-MM

Here is the link to the spinner on ebay (I'm based in the UK): http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322458704855


Killergh0st809 as says:

I have the same one but it's silver

Wolfix The Hunter says:

I bought the same one online and it will come tommorow! Im so fkin hyped cuz thats my first fidget spinner

капитан мармеладка says:

здесь есть наши?

ItzYoGurlNicole Irish Beauty says:

I had to get a new one…..my teacher has my other 3 😂

ĪĪKazuro- says:

I got that spinner already lol

Wolfix The Hunter says:

Does the screw screw out?

lightning lemon says:

nice vid, just wondering is it wobbly when u turn it round because i have had that problem before, i am thinking of buying it so should i also get the gold one?

Pickle Guy says:

this makes me feel how I feel when I watch AMSR

Pati says:

ordered this spinner but rainbow color

Toby ADT says:

The gold one of this would have the same quality right

Eunice Olaes says:

I got a fidget spinner

Travis Berenyi says:


RAGE FPS says:

2:45 was SOO annoying

MoreMiff says:

Guys mine only spins for 18sec, anyone have any suggestions to make it spin faster?

MoreMiff says:

Guys mine only spins for 18sec, anyone have any suggestions to make it spin faster?

Asian boy says:

spinners are banned at my school…..

antoselite mixes says:

i have the same but in rose gold. spun for 3 minutes and 48 seconds.

Isaiah Roberts says:

i got that one on wish its not here yet

HipLikeZeeq says:

what is the weight?

Theo Roy says:

I like ur spinner

mysterious gamer says:

i got one but i thought it will be bigger but its small

Cris Roblox-And More says:


Anthony Foss says:

I'm getting the same thing but its gold

saL says:

this is really satisfying to watch for some reason

Cardboardguy 14 says:

I Cant find a fidget spinner! every store is sold out! And iv called every store that's neer me and ther out of stock one store sold out in just 3hrs 😢😢😤

Kathy Russell says:

I have the same one

GUNZ BL4Z1NG says:

Ordered it from amazon coming from Hong Kong gonna be here in 3 weeks 🙁

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