DIY American Girl Doll GLOW IN THE DARK Fidget Spinners

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Learn how to make American Girl Doll Glow in the Dark Fidget Spinners. I crafted a Star Fidget Spinner, Ninja Fidget Spinner and X Fidget Spinner. All of these DIY Fidget Spinners are Glow In The Dark and super fun to watch spin!


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Auzirea Laviene says:

You guys should make American Girl doll panties

Anaya Menon says:

can u do fanmail

Anaya Menon says:

can u make American girl shopkins shoppies. plz reply

Ashley Mcdougall says:

I Think that the Glow in the dark figdet spinners are REALLY COOL

chica Cari says:

wow im love spinners gg

Nasir Mohammad says:

Please try a human fidgit cube

Vanessa S says:

can you please make an fight spinner cubs

Sheila Delos Reyes says:

Make a diy glow sticks 🦄🎆🎇

Toodah Baby says:

Make a doll ferris wheel

Creativebutterfly18 says:

please make a video on make a doll trundle bed out of cardboard

Kennedy White says:


Kennedy White says:

Make a American girl doll house!!!!!!plz😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

Fiona Durante says:

You should make a lacrosse or field hockey stick! I'm crafty and sporty and I really want you guys to make a sports video. Love your videos!

Mia Quigley says:

and her name is asheln silva

Mia Quigley says:

this mean girl in my school stool my only fedget spinner

Maimouna Barry says:

hi i don,t know whats your namep

Heyheyitsmollyrae 2006 says:

do a diy American girl doll karaoke machine

Laila Alimi says:


AmericanGirlCrafter says:

Can you please make Carolines parlor and bed!!!

Carlaja Bradford says:

can you make a doll charger?😙😙😙☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

Annabel Elise says:

Did you make an American girl tablet

Annabel Elise says:

You should make an American girl dinner table

Bailey Feken says:

That is amazing

Maddie's AG Club! says:

Can you please make doll sized seven 11?

tameka clark says:

you should make a glow in the dark fidget cube

Marcelo Chaves says:

light up fidget spiner

Bhoomi Sheoran says:

Hi, I love your videos they are so cool!!💝

Daniella Perlin says:

My brother has the ninja fidget spinner

Christy Keeler says:

Make doll fidget cube

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