DIY Choco Fidget Spinner – How To Make

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Choco Fidget Spinner!! You will learn how to make 2 fidget spinners you can eat!!! These Epic DIY fidget spinners are made from 2 kinds of chocolate , White And Dark Chocolate! which makes them also very taste as desert and you could eat these fidget spinners + it is easy to make at home ! easy toys & tricks to use at home:)
Music: Kovan & Electro Light - Skyline



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Molten Science says:

hello sorry for reupload got music copyrighted 🙂 enjoy the video and road to 20k subs !

Khalid Pasha says:

nice I can eat the spinner

Jennifer d'cruz says:

If I had made it i would have eaten it

edgar Hernandes says:


rahul rajput says:

This very bad idea because not waste of food material

Hjjvghvcggg Hjjvhhjvvg says:

No Hayan q inventar

sonal soni says:

It is so much cool and so much testi

Daniela Torres says:

My question is why dose he put the chocolate in play doh????

vale pro says:

Like awesome

Sidney Price says:

Wouldn't PlayDough just ruin the taste of the chocolate?
Just curious

Shervin Pajman says:


shinde sumit says:

it's yummy can we eat it

Burgermonster 58 says:

Nice vid! 👍

saroj kumiari says:

so tasty spinners

Destiny YT says:

If ur teacher let u have fidget spinners in class make some of these and eat them in class 😂

Davi.maximo Maximo says:



mohamed ahmed says:

I hope that it was easy

Pablo Arrieta says:

waser ix pinirs lles

Kool says:

video at has the same thumbnail 😂

isaiah jones says:

Make a fidget spinner out of cement

Xizeful 117 says:

sono l0 italiano

Эльнар Сынбулатов says:


kylen jackson says:

make me one please i will pay you 39 doller

Giancarlo Villanueva says:

Have you people ever eaten playdooh

Jacob Higgins says:

Hey idk if you make the pic thing for the video but if you do I think the channel XtremeGamez is stealing your pics and photoshopping them


one day u will hit 1 million subs cuz ur clear and meaningful not like others

Yash tech channel says:

a fidget spinner that we can eat wow

Daniel Tomashevskiy says:

are you gonna eat that if not give it to me 😀

Mikkel Møllenhus says:

it looks delicious can you make a cake version??

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