DIY Fidget Spinner Hex Nut Paracord | Fidget Spinner DIY

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DIY Fidget Toy Spinner from Hex Nuts and Paracord, i really like this one and it has a spinn time of almost 2 minutes! Might go over 2 minutes! Enjoy!

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Materials for this DIY is:
1. Bearing Bones Reds Precision Skate Bearings:
2. Bearing 608 ZZ:
3. M8 Hex Nuts:
4. M4 Hex Nuts:
5. Paracord:
6. Super Glue

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Rafael Ramos says:

SΓ³ nΓ£o pode cair no chΓ£o kkkj

Roblox Gamers says:

Tbh the music is a bit creepy

Stone says:

This comment was posted at 14,999 Subscribers, I have screen shot proof. LETS GET THIS MAN TO 15K HYPE! Oh and on the sad part of things your video about the bike chain fidget spinner was copied by a bigger Youtuber and he stole your video πŸ™

Cabohan Gaming says:

I tried to do the Tie Fighter one and it worked great! The only problem was that it didnt hold up. Do you have any tips for this? Also, how do you glue everything together without getting it on your fingers!?

Charizard Gaming says:

Where did you get the super glue and what's the brand??



Anya Marz says:

Nice 😍😍😍

x says:

Nice fidget spinner mate <3

Нурасыл Π˜ΡΠΊΠ°Ρ€ΠΎΠ² says:


ÃÿMÀÑ Γƒz says:

Waw Tu es Géniale 😍❀

davezf89 says:

ive made several similar ones with krazy glue……they explode fairly quickly

are yours lasting you?

Unknown says:

The glue looks like semen

David Nurbin says:

Great design! Can't wait to try it out!

Lina Boshof says:

For me I think the spinner is too big !! But the idea is gooood

Pi Channel says:

Good video #EasySpidermanFidgetSpinner

krustykillomatik says:

Hi, love your vids, what superglue do you use, it seems pretty fast and strong-?

NoName JP says:

u are a fucking beast

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