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DIY FIDGET SPINNER - HOW TO MAKE A FIDGET SPINNER (Super Cheap) is today's video. Hope you all enjoy this how to video. If you would like to see more then let me know in the comment section below. Recipe below. Thanks Tomohawk 🙂

Recipe - Skateboard Bearings, Super Glue, Rubber Band, Place Matt Or Newspaper

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Nikita Chauhan says:


Lukas C -how to/games/3dprinting says:

Put wd40 in the middle baring

ItsAris YT says:

your voice sounds like dantdm a little bit!

Isabel Haywood says:

I tried but my mom said no!! And called me an idiot so. 😭 Can you do it with out baringsn

Emma Bardill says:

what rings did u use tom

Mia_ xox says:

But you can buy them for 99p on eBay I got mine for 4.00 on amazon since I don't have eBay account

maria Guzman says:

Where are your eyebrows lol🤔🤔🤔

OP Gamer says:

The one time I don't have a rubber band

DaWolf Slayer says:

It's really cool and cheap but it doesn't spin much

Silvershotprop says:

If you add WD40, and put the caps back on the barring, it might spin faster. However, because of the way the caps bent when you pulled them out, you may want to get yourself a hammer and hammer them down a little first.

Steve Garcia says:

tom use wd 40 bevause it will make it go fast

Alejandro Terzado says:

Nice eyebrows!

sansus the great says:

i got anxiety and got one for 3:99

31113pl4yz says:

I brought my fidget spinner for £2.00 so you could just do that! It's quite cheap to be honest😀

Pollo Locz says:

where yo eyebrows at 💀

Taylor reid says:

I tried but I can't do it because I'm the biggest failure in the world

Oozybody54//Gaming says:

I bought one for £4.99

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