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DIY FIDGET SPINNER WITHOUT GLUE | Make Your Own Fidget Spinner! Fidget Spinner DIY just for you! Easy fidget spinner DIY that you can do at home without glue just some duct tape, rubber wristband and ball bearings. Don't buy a fidget spinner Make Your Own Fidget Spinner!

Ceramic Premium Bearings:

Skater Bearings:

We are The Greers! Macey and Hailey are two unique, crazy, funny sisters who love toys and love watching YouTube! So we combined the two and made a YouTube channel where we open toys and do challenges and anything wacky or silly! We love Shopkins, LaLaloopsy, Minecraft, Funko Mystery Minis, tokidoki, My Little Pony, Disney and any blind bags, blind box, or toy we can get. We like to add a twist to any video we film and adding challenges that make it fun! Our YouTube channel is a family effort that brings us all together in our unboxing of toys and products to our family vlog.

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Minty Gaming says:

best way is go to the store buy the cheapest spinners with 4 ball bearings and make 4 spinners out of those by using wood and sell it for 1$ which will make you earn a lot of money :3

the best basketball players says:

you are one of my favorites subscribers

Nourlynn Kortbaoui says:

OMG cool I found a way to make a two sided fidget spiner not three with plastic strips and these round metal hoops (ball bearings I guess it's wrong lol)

Smile - says:

Thank you! My friends were begging me for one 😎

gamer girl kid says:

love the videos i bet you could reach 100k and ill tell my friends and everthing. Make more videos there awesome

Fizzy Toy Show says:

G, what an awesome tutorial! It turned out awesome and spins like crazy! So cool you can DIY fidget spinners! 🙂

Tammy S. says:

Great idea! I love it!😊

Kyler Wilson says:

this is amazing I'm about to try this at home

Iliana Espinoza says:

great vid!!!!

Arlesainta&Henry Toy's of Us says:

be careful with the fidget spinner. where I live in San Antonio Texas girl chokes on fidget spinner part it's on the fox29sanantonio ksat12sanantonio you can look it up and she was 10 year's old.

Ashleigh Powell says:

Loved this video!!! I just made one out of a broken fidget spinner I had that I haven't played with in like a month! So thanks 👌🏼

Koala Family says:


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