DIY FIDGET SPINNERS! 3 Easy Ways To Make Fidget Spinners!!

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Hey guys! In this video i'm showing you DIY fidget spinners they are all super easy to make! Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite and don't forget to thumbs up this video! (: comment if you'd like me to do another video without bearings !!

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Jayden Copeland says:

These are soo creative love it!!!

Kyla Dela Cruz says:

hey just wanna ask real quick
how did you use the songs without your video catching some issues?

Krafting With Kelby says:

Wow, love those ideas! Great video!💕☀️

Adrian says:

The first one is so cool and creative

Evan Hearn says:

where do u get the bearing


adrienne daniels says:

Super cute love it!!!

Aya G says:

What is a bearing and where to get it?

Franz Nicole Roan says:

do without a bearings! 😊

isaiah slipknot says:

really cool fidget spinners i love it! I subscribed and hit the bell and my favorite was the bead fidget spinner it was so cool

Jaque Lara says:

I love your videos your so good at doing DIYs 🎉❤️

kris jenner says:

the star is beautiful but its jews star and im a nazi 😬

Dahrl says:

ur videos is so COLORFUL

HaraMAnton 1 says:

wow im in love with this video

aniaxx says:

who's before 1K views ?💗

Katrina Roberge says:

I love your videos!!!💖💖

Mireya Serna says:

Love your videos!

Leslie Castillo says:

OMG these are so cute ! 😍🙌🏽🙌🏽

Greeny Diamond says:

I love the perler one..😍😉

Katie Tracy says:


Stephanie Manzo says:

Notifications squad 😝

Kate 201 says:

First comment😜

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